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Pets Rush

Simple mechanics of Pets Rush

Pets Rush is a funny puzzle game that challenges you to eliminate as many tiles as possible in the playing field. Try to earn the highest score and save pets.

Clearing the tiles

Like Gold Miner, this game also features entertaining gameplay. In this game, the pets get stuck between colorful tiles. So, your mission is to eliminate the tiles around the pets to save them. Note that you are only allowed to remove three or more adjacent tiles at the same time. Moreover, these tiles must have the same color. Your score will depend on the number of tiles you clear. Therefore, you need to try to clear as many tiles as possible to gain the highest possible score. Do not let the tiles reach the top of the screen. Your score will decrease constantly if the tiles reach the top. You will lose if your score reaches zero.

Various power-ups

Like Garden Bloom, this game also offers various power-ups. Sometimes, the power-ups will appear. You can click on them to use them.

  • The rockets can help to destroy columns or rows of tiles.
  • The bomb can clear nearby tiles. Remember not to activate the bomb when it is near the treasure chest. If the bomb explodes, the treasure chest will disappear. Therefore, you should open the treasure chest before using the bomb.
  • The paintbrushes will help to change the color of the nearby tiles.
  • The hammers can be used to destroy a tile.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to eliminate the tiles in the playing field.

Tips to get a high score in Pets Rush

  • You should try to remove the tiles which contain the Multiply power-up.
  • Attempt to open the treasure chests because they contain many power-ups.
  • You can press an Up button at the right of the screen to raise the speed of the tiles.
  • Try to remove the bigger group of tiles first.