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Garden Bloom

Relevant information about Garden Bloom

Garden Bloom is an engaging arcade game featuring colorful visuals. Change the positions of the flowers to create a line of three or more identical flowers.

The story behind the game

The story of this game revolves around a little girl who loves flowers. One day, she received an invitation letter from the organizing committee for a flower competition. She was excited to join the competition, but unfortunately she lost. She was really sad and returned to her home. Suddenly, she found a book. There is a picture in this book. This picture was taken when her dad became the winner of the flower competition. This picture also inspired her a lot. She decided to find the most beautiful flower, grow it, and use it to join the flower competition one more time.

Unique gameplay

In this game, you need to help the little girl to complete to-do tasks such as growing flowers, restoring the old path, and so on. To complete these missions, you need to collect the flowers by creating the lines of three or more identical flowers. You can change the positions of the flowers to complete your goal. Note that combining four flowers will create a bee. This bee can be matched with flowers that have the same color. The bee can destroy a row or column of flowers. Do your best to eliminate as many flowers as possible and gain a high score in a level.

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How to control: Hold the left mouse button to guide the flowers.

All power-ups in Garden Bloom

Besides, you can use power-ups such as Hive, Glove, and Shovel. These power-ups will assist you in beating the levels in the game and have different functions.

  • Hive: This power-up can be used to create a great explosion and remove many flowers at the same time.
  • Glove: You can use this power-up to change the positions of two different flowers in the garden.
  • Shovel: It can be used to eliminate any flower in the playing field.