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Google Feud

Google Feud challenges your knowledge about popular search queries on the Google search engine. Test your ability to guess what people are searching for.

Google Feud: Guess search results on Google

The objective of this game is to guess the top search results for various incomplete phrases or questions. The game presents you with a partial search query, and you have to select one of the multiple-choice options that you think would be among the most commonly searched phrases on Google.

You have a maximum of ten guesses and only three wrong guesses. After three wrong guesses, the game will end. If you guess correctly, the next step will be to calculate the score. The more searches a word is guessed, the more points it will receive and vice versa. Guess all ten words correctly or stop when you guess incorrectly three times depending on your knowledge.

The game is based on real search data and aggregates popular search queries from Google. It tests your understanding of popular culture, common knowledge, and the way people search for information online. It's a fun way to explore the collective curiosity of internet users and see if you can guess what's on their minds. Don't stop with this game, experience another intellectual game like Master Sudoku in the next time you play to test your knowledge.

Some other features about Google Feud

Game categories

Google Feud offers different categories, such as Culture, People, Names, and Questions, each with its own set of search queries. You can choose the category you're most interested in or try your hand at a mix of different categories.

Track your score performance

The game keeps track of your score based on the number of correct answers you provide. It also ranks your performance and allows you to challenge yourself to improve and achieve higher scores. You can compete against friends or other players online to see who can guess the most popular search queries accurately.