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Heardle listens a brief audio clip of a popular song, lasting just two seconds. Guess the artist and title of the song based on this short snippet is your duty.

Heardle guesses the song title and artist

Challenge you to a random song, you will listen to the melody for two seconds and guess which song and which artist it is. You have up to six guesses and up to four uses of hints. One interesting feature of this game is the skip button, once you use the hint, you have to trade one of your guesses. If players choose to skip their turn, they are rewarded with a longer snippet of the song, providing them with additional information to make a more informed guess. Regardless of whether the guess is correct or not, players get to enjoy listening to the full soundtrack of the song.

The Heardle highlights

Huge store of music resources for players

This game is designed to appeal to a wide range of players, from casual music fans to serious audiophiles. The game features a vast library of songs spanning various genres and decades, ensuring that there's something for everyone. By participating in the game, players not only have fun but also deepen their knowledge and appreciation of music. It's an entertaining and educational experience that brings music lovers together.

The inspiration for Heardle

This game draws inspiration from the popular game Wordle but applies it to the world of music. It offers a captivating twist on the Wordle Game format, catering to those who are more interested in melody than words. The game keeps players engaged and entertained as they try to decipher the names of the songs.

The music in this game is sourced from a catalog of the most downloaded songs over the past decade. This ensures a diverse selection of well-known tracks that players can enjoy and challenge themselves with. The game pulls music from Soundcloud, and the songs are chosen for their catchiness and appeal.