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The gameplay of Dordle

Dordle is a new word game that challenges you to find two words, each containing five letters. Do your best to guess the hidden words within 7 tries.

As an alternative to Wordle Game, this game also requires you to guess two target words. Remember that each word has 5 letters, so attempt to enter random 5-letter words in the grid. The colors of the tiles will suggest the letters and their positions in the hidden words. Let me give you some examples. If the tile turns green or yellow, you can use the letter on this tile in the next attempt. However, you should change the position of the letter on the yellow tiles. If the tile turns grey, you should avoid entering the letter on this tile. Do your best to win the game within 7 attempts. One effective tip is to begin with the words which have at least one vowel such as A, E, I, O, or U. In addition, in the next try, you should not use the same sets of words. This helps you to find all the letters in the hidden words.

Available game modes of Dordle

Like Octordle, this game also features two game modes that provide different challenges.

Daily Dordle

The first game mode is Daily Dordle which reset the challenge every 14 hours. If you complete a challenge, you should wait for 14 hours to join another. Of course, two hidden words are also reset in the next challenge.

Free Dordle

The second game mode I want to introduce is Free Dordle which offers an unlimited number of challenges. Every challenge is a surprise. If you choose this game mode, click the New Game button and play as much as you want. Playing this game mode is also the best way to get familiar with the pattern and level of words and practice.