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Unique mechanics of Numberle

Welcome to Numberle which is an awesome puzzle game. This interesting game requires you to guess a hidden number including 5 digits within 6 attempts.

Inspired by Wordle Game, this game also requires you to find the hidden number. This number has 5 digits. You need to enter a random number at the start and look at the colors of the tiles to guess the next hidden number. If the tile turns green, the next number should contain the digit on this tile. Besides, the next number can contain the digit on the yellow tile, but you should change the position of this digit. If the tile turns grey, you should not enter the number containing the digit in this tile. Note that you must find this hidden number within 6 tries. No matter whether you lose or win the game, you must wait for more than 14 hours to join the next challenge. Do not forget to invite your friends to play this game and let's see who can find the target number first.

Playable game modes of Numberle

Normal Mode

Like Colorfle, this game offers two game modes. The first one is Normal Mode which offers easier puzzles. In this game mode, you can use any digit in the next number. Moreover, it may be easy for you to guess the hidden number. Therefore, it is possible to say that this game mode is suitable for players who just started to explore this puzzle game.

Hard Mode

The next game mode is the Hard Mode which provides more challenging puzzles. In addition, any revealed hints must be used in the subsequent guess. Of course, you can change the positions of these digits. Therefore, if you are a skilled player, I advise you to choose the Hard Mode to play.