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Gold Miner

Engaging gameplay of Gold Miner

Gold Miner is a classic mining game featuring many levels. Let' aim accurately and mine as much gold and diamonds as possible to earn the target money.

Your mission

This game is super famous because of its engaging gameplay. It will transform you into a gold miner whose task is to mine gold and diamonds. You need to aim accurately and then drop the law to catch the gold or diamond. Because the stones and pigs are very cheap, you should not try to catch them. You can throw your dynamites to destroy unnecessary objects. However, a pig holding a diamond is very expensive, so do not ignore it. In addition, on some levels, you can see many bombs. They will explode as soon as your claw touches them. After they explode, the nearby objects such as diamonds or gold will be eliminated. Therefore, you need to evade these dynamites.

You are required to complete many levels in this game and each level tasks you with earning the target amount of money within a limited time.

How to control

1-Player Mode

Press a W or an up arrow key to toss the dynamite.

Press an S or down arrow key to drop the claw.

2-Player Mode


Press a W key to toss the dynamite.

Press an S key to drop the claw.


Press an up key to toss the dynamite.

Click the left mouse button to drop the claw.

More interesting things about Gold Miner

The store

The store typically offers a variety of items that can be purchased using the in-game currency earned from mining gold. The specific items available may vary depending on the version or variation of the game, but here are some common examples of items that can be found in the store:

  • Dynamite: Allows the player to blow up rocks or other obstacles that are blocking their way.
  • Strength Potion: Increases the strength of the player's claw, enabling them to grab heavier items more easily.
  • Lucky Clover: Increases the chance of finding valuable items in the mine.
  • Time Extension: Adds extra time to the clock, giving the player more time to reach their money goal.
  • Diamond Polisher: Increases the value of diamonds when collected.
  • Mega Claw: Upgrades the player's claw, allowing them to grab multiple items at once.
  • Drill: Allows the player to drill through the ground and reach deeper and more valuable deposits.
  • Gold Bag: Automatically collects gold for a certain duration, saving the player from manually grabbing each piece.

Playable game modes

Like Minecraftle Game, this game also offers two game modes which are 1-Player Mode and 2 Player Mode. The 1-Player mode allows you to mine golds ad diamonds alone. Meanwhile, the 2-Player Mode allows you to cooperate with another player to earn the target money. Of courses, two players can use the same device to control your characters.