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Boxing Physics 2

The battle in Boxing Physics 2

Welcome to thrilling boxing combats in Boxing Physics 2. Let's guide your boxer to punch your opponent to earn 2 points first to become the winner.

This game will transform you into a boxer who will join exciting fights in the game. In the fight, you need to find a way to punch your rival to earn points. If you want to become the ultimate victor, you need to attempt to find two points. While attacking your opponent, you also need to defend. Let's move back when your enemy tries to punch you. In addition, you also need to be careful with traps that appear randomly on the playing field. The traps will hurt you, you need to jump to evade them.


PLAYER 1: Press a W key to guide the boxer to punch.

PLAYER 2: Press an up arrow key to control the boxer to punch.

Playable game modes

Main game modes

Like Tomb Of The Mask, this game also offers two main game modes. They are 1-player and 2-player modes. The 1-Player mode requires you to take part in the boxing battle with the CPU. Meanwhile, the 2-Player mode allows you to invite your friends to join the boxing combat. You and your friends can use the same device to control your boxers.


One interesting thing about this game is its variety of sub-modes. In this game, you can choose between 8 sub-modes.

  • Quick Match: This game mode allows you to play on random maps. Moreover, you will combat with random boxers.
  • Tournaments: The second mode requires you to encounter 5-7 boxers. You need to defeat these boxers to become the champion.
  • Crazy Mode: This third game mode requests you to battle with another boxer until your health bar is empty.
  • One Hit Mode: The gameplay of this game mode is different because it tasks you with defeating your rival with one hit.
  • Trap Mode: In this sub-mode, the traps will emerge randomly in the playing field. You will lose blood if you touch these traps. Therefore, do your best to evade these traps.
  • Real Mode: In the sixth game mode, the boxers will be dizzy for 3 seconds if they are hit.
  • Kick Mode: This game mode challenges you to punch and kick your enemy to defeat him.
  • Soccer Mode: This game mode simulates the soccer match. You need to punch your rival and kick the ball on the playing field. You will earn many points if the ball flies into your opponent's goalpost.