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The origin of Nerdle

Nerdle offers you a chance to show off your math skills. You are requested to uncover a hidden calculation consisting of eight characters within six attempts.

Like Quordle, this game was also inspired by Wordle Game. However, it still has a distinct gameplay and feature. Created by Richard Mann, a British data scientist, this game is about math. Since its release, the game has captured the interest of players worldwide, who enjoy sharing their results on social media platforms like Twitter. Now, this game is considered to be the best choice to test your math skills.

Addictive Gameplay of Nerdle

Guessing a hidden calculation

The gameplay of this game revolves around the objective of guessing a hidden calculation comprised of eight characters. Each character can be one of the numerals 0-9 or the operators +, -, *, /, and =. The characters must be arranged in a standard order, with multiplication and division performed before addition and subtraction. Crucially, the equation must yield an integer to the right of the "=" sign. You have a limited number of six tries to guess the correct equation. Failing to identify the target math equation within the given attempts results in a loss.

Colors and Clues

This game incorporates a clever color scheme that not only adds visual appeal but also provides clues to guide you toward the hidden equation. When a guess is made, the tiles change colors to indicate the proximity to the target equation. A gray tile signifies that the digit is not part of the equation, eliminating the need to repeat it. A yellow tile indicates that the digit is present in the equation but in the wrong position. It can be used in subsequent attempts, but players must place it in a different spot. Finally, a green tile signifies a correct digit in the correct position. By observing the colors of the tiles, you can swiftly deduce the hidden math equation and progress efficiently through the game.