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Mineblock Adventure

Mineblock Adventure is an online adventure game with the Noob character through new lands. Can you defeat all of the dragons in this pixel world?

Noob In New Adventures

In this online world, players can transform into the iconic Noob character. This character appears in many Minecraft-inspired games. For example, the Minecraftle Game game also takes the Noob character to a new pixel world to explore new lands. These games have the same main character but different gameplay and design. Thanks to different features, players can still enjoy new experiences.

In Mineblock Adventure, the character Noob also enters a pixel world but this world has been changed significantly. The platforms and terrain will challenge you to move forward. In addition, dangers from wild animals will challenge your control ability.

Enter Mineblock Adventure World

Coming to this online game, players will enter a pixel world full of adventures.

What Adventure Is In Mineblock Adventure

Your adventures will begin to explore new lands where there are many dangers and challenges.

The first challenge is wild animals like spiders and dragons. These animals will destroy you as soon as they reach you. Second, this Mineblock Adventure game will also challenge your moving ability through complex terrain. Players move not only on flat terrain but also on platforms at various heights.

Spoils From Adventures

Players can receive 3 main spoils: coins, diamonds, and gems. These spoils all correspond to different values that can be converted into your achievements.