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Simple mechanics of Flagle

Flagle is an engaging puzzle game that challenges you to guess the flag of the target country. You have six chances to make the right choice.

Do you remember the flags of all countries in the world? Play the game and test your knowledge now. In this game, you need to find the hidden flag of a country. Note that there is no hint at the start. You can choose any flag in the list of flags. If the flag that you choose has a color that is a part of the target flag, this color will be shown. In the next guesses, you need to choose the flag that has the revealed color. Keep in mind that you need to find the hidden flag within six tries.

This game offers many challenges that will be refreshed every 14 hours. It means that after completing a challenge, you need to wait for 14 hours to join another one. This feature is fairly similar to Word Hurdle. Moreover, this game offers two themes which are a dark theme and a light theme. You can choose the dark theme when playing the game under low-light conditions. This helps to protect your eyes from getting hurt.

Game modes of Flagle

Like Wordle Game, this game also has two game modes which are Hard Mode and Normal Mode. The Normal Mode serves as the standard gameplay experience, providing you with a balanced level of challenge. In this mode, the flag icons will appear next to the country's name in the list. Meanwhile, the Hard Mode offers an increased level of challenge. In the Hard Mode, all flag icons will be hidden. You need to remember the flags of the countries in the world and choose the right one. This mode tests your ability to think strategically and make choices with minimal feedback. I advise you to look at the accuracy statistics to know whether you guessed correctly or not.