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Waffle Game

General information about Waffle Game

Waffle Game is an exciting word game with distinct gameplay. Strategically place letters in the right positions to form meaningful words within limited moves.

The origin

This game was created by James Robinson who is a talented game developer from Drayton, Portsmouth. Inspired by the famous word game Wordle, he came up with the idea of developing a word game and its design looks like a waffle. After being released, the game attracted thousands of players per day and fit into many players' routines.

Simple mechanics

This game is considered to be the best alternative to Text Twist because it features addictive gameplay. This game challenges you to rearrange 21 tiles of the board to form 6 valid words. Note that you can move the tiles 15 times. If you run out of moves, you cannot transfer the tiles and lose. Therefore, you should think carefully before moving any tile on the board. You had better consider the color of the tiles.

  • Brown Tiles: These tiles are in the right position and the letters on them are parts of the target words. Therefore, you should not move the brown tiles on the board.
  • Yellow Tiles: Because the letters on these tiles are parts of the target words, you just need to move these tiles to other places in the same line.
  • Grey Tiles: You should transfer these tiles to other places of other lines.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to move the tiles on the board.

Suggested tips to beat Waffle Game

  • You should start with the juncture. Try placing the vowels at the juncture.
  • Take notes if necessary.
  • Pay attention to the colors of the tiles to know what you should do next.
  • Try to place consonants at the start of each horizontal and vertical line.
  • After finding the consonants of the target words, you can try placing the vowels behind them.