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Spacebar Clicker

Simple Mechanics of Spacebar Clicker

Welcome to Spacebar Clicker which is a new idle game. Attempt to press the spacebar as many times as possible to earn points and unlock new upgrades.

When joining this game, you are tasked with pressing the spacebar to earn as many points as possible. Note that every hit is worth one point. Moreover, the game is endless. Therefore, you can spend all day playing this game. Let's see what is your best record in this game. Don't forget to share the game with your friends and challenge them to break your record.

How to control: Click the left mouse button or press the spacebar to earn points.

Upgrades in Spacebar Clicker

As you accumulate points, you can unlock upgrades and automation systems to enhance your progress. Upgrades help to increase the point generation per click and minimize the need for manual clicking.

  • Monkey: A monkey will help to click the spacebar every 5 seconds
  • Boomer Mom: The boomer mom will help to press the spacebar 3x a second.
  • Gen Z Kid: This kid can press the spacebar 20x a second.
  • Keyboard Upgrade: This upgrade will help to double your own hits.
  • Angry Influencer: The influencer can press the spacebar faster. Specifically, an influencer can press it 644x a second.
  • MOBA Gamer: The gamer is fast at pressing the spacebar. Specifically, the gamer can press it 600x a second.