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Mahjong Game

Classic gameplay of Mahjong Game

Let's test your sharp eyes by trying Mahjong Game now! Be quick to find identical tiles and then connect them to eliminate them from the playing field.

Inspired by a traditional Chinese game, this game was developed and released in 1981. It attracted many players from all over the world because of its simple mechanics and addictive gameplay. This game includes 144 tiles which are arranged to create different shapes. You need to choose your favorite shape and start to play the game. Your mission in this game is to find pairs of identical tiles to eliminate them. Note that both tiles must not be locked by other tiles. Your ultimate goal is to eliminate all tiles in the playing field in the shortest time. If you get stuck, pay attention to the Undo and Hint buttons at the top of the screen. The Undo button allows you to restore two eliminated tiles while the Hint button will highlight a possible pair of similar tiles in the playing field. You should use them wisely to win the game.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to choose identical tiles.

Useful tips to beat Mahjong Game

Try to eliminate the high stacks of tiles

At the start of the game, you should pay attention to high stacks of tiles because they hide many tiles below the upper tiles. Start from the top of the stacks, specifically similar tiles on the top. This helps to avoid reaching an unsolvable stage.

Plan your moves ahead

The next tip I want to suggest to you is to think one step ahead. You should look at the tiles around the playing field carefully and determine which tile you are going to eliminate. If the tile you want to remove is locked by other tiles, attempt to find a way to remove all tiles around this one. This helps to speed up your progress in the game.