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Word Hurdle

New things in Word Hurdle

Word Hurdle is an engaging word game because of its captivating gameplay. Can you guess the 6-letter target word within six attempts in the shortest time?

The new playing rules

Although this game is inspired by Wordle Game, it still has new features. Therefore, right after being launched, this game attracted many players from all over the world. This interesting game also requires you to find a target word, but this word must contain 6 letters. Moreover, you have more chances to guess the target word. Specifically, you need to find the hidden target word within 6 attempts without being offered any hint.

New challenges

After finding the target word, you need to wait for more than 2 hours to play the game again. After 2 hours, the target word will be reset. Therefore, you cannot use the target word you found. I advise you to utilize your wide vocabulary to guess the target word within the fewest attempts. Moreover, one effective tip is to look at the colors of the tiles to guess the letters and their positions in the target word. For example, if the tile turns blue, it means that this letter in this tile is a part of the target word and in the right position. If the tile is yellow, you only need to change the position of the letter in this tile. Finally, if the tile is grey, you should not use the letter in this tile in the next guesses.

Game Modes in Word Hurdle

This game features two game modes which are Normal Mode and Difficult Mode. If you choose the Normal Mode, the target word will be more easy. Moreover, you can enter any word. However, if you choose the Difficult Mode, the target word will be more challenging. In addition, in this mode, you must use the letters in the blue tiles in the next guesses.