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Casual gameplay of Outspell

Outspell will put your vocabulary, spelling skills, and strategic thinking to the test. Compete with another player to construct valid English words.

If you are a big fan of word games like Text Twist, you should check out this game. In this game, you are presented with a collection of letter tiles and tasked with forming words on a game board. You and the CPY will take turns moving the given letters at the bottom of the screen to the 13x13 grid. Start from the middle of the grid. You need to arrange the letters to form valid English words which contain at least three letters. Note that the game's built-in dictionary ensures that only recognized words can be formed. This aspect not only promotes language learning but also encourages you to expand your vocabulary and discover new words. When you get stuck, you can click the Shuffle button to change the positions of available letters or the Exchange button to change the list of offered letters.

Available game modes of Outspell

Practice Mode

This game includes two game modes which are Normal Mode and Practice Mode. These modes cater to different player preferences and skill levels, allowing individuals to sharpen their vocabulary, spelling, and strategic thinking. If you choose the Practice Mode, you will have a chance to practice with the PCU. Note that your score will not be saved if you play this game mode. It is only for new players. When playing this mode, you can explore word options, test your spelling accuracy, and familiarize yourself with the game's mechanics at your own pace. This mode encourages you to take risks, try new strategies, and learn from your mistakes.

Normal Mode

This game mode offers three levels of difficulty including Easy, Medium, and Hard. The easy and medium levels are suitable for newbies while the hard can be played by skillful players. You should think carefully about selecting a suitable level of difficulty when playing this game.