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Onet Connect Classic

Play Onet Connect Classic to match 2 same animals, fruits, or foods together and complete a level. The less time you use to match, the higher your score.

Onet Connect Classic Intro

This new game is an interactive puzzle game on the computer. This game has a simple but addictive matching gameplay.

When coming to this Onet Connect Classic game, players can immerse themselves in a colorful world with different tiles. The images on the tiles are very unique and cute. Therefore, this online game can bring hours of entertainment while practicing your observation ability.

Gameplay and Modes

When participating in Onet Connect Classic, players are most interested in the gameplay and modes. Let's understand each item of this matching game together.

How To Play Onet Connect Classic

The gameplay of Onet Connect Classic is very easy to understand. You will see a panel containing images such as flowers, fruits, animals, and other symbols. Your task is to find and connect pairs of identical images. However, you can only connect images if the connection between them is at most two straight lines and does not encounter other obstacles. When you successfully connect a pair of images, they will disappear from the board. After that, you can continue to find other pairs until there are no more pairs left.

All Modes For Matching Tiles

The Onet Connect Classic game offers many different levels with increasing difficulty. You have to find and connect pairs of images before time or turn runs out. If you complete a level within the allotted time, you will be promoted and continue playing more difficult levels.

Onet Connect Classic also offers 3 modes with different tile types.

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