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One More Dash

One More Dash is a speed game with balls and rotating circles. Click to let the ball jump from circle to circle while avoiding collisions with obstacles.

One More Dash Intro

Welcome to this speed and reaction game on our Minecraftle Game website! Coming to this online game, players can enjoy fast-paced gameplay to test and show off their reaction abilities. Let's learn about the basic features of this One More Dash game!

This speed game offers two main elements: balls and circles.

Balls In One More Dash

The balls are divided into two types: moving and stationary.

Moving Ball: At the beginning of this online game, you can immediately see a ball lying in a circle. This ball will rotate in that circle until you click. With your left mouse click, this ball can jump from one circle to another.

Stationary balls: In the middle of the circles, there are stationary balls. The number of these balls can vary according to the circle or match. When you move the moving ball to a circle, you can collect all the stationary balls there to score points.

Continuously Rotating Circles

Another important element of One More Dash is the circles. These circles will rotate continuously to create challenges for the balls. You need to choose the right time to click and make safe jumps for the ball.

In addition, in these circles, there are obstacles. Your ball can receive different effects when it collides with these obstacles.

Obstacles On Rotating Circles

For normal obstacles, your ball will bounce back after impact. If you can bounce another circle, your ball will stay safe. On the contrary, if your ball jumps out of space, this One More Dash game will end.

In addition, a few obstacles have spikes. These special obstacles will destroy your ball instantly.

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