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Simple mechanics of Foodle

Foodle is a new word-guessing game that tasks you with predicting a hidden word. This word must contain five letters, so try to find it within 6 attempts.

If you are a big fan of word games such as Words Of Magic, you should take a look at this game now. Your mission in this game is to find the target word containing five letters. Note that any letter in this word can appear twice. There is a total of 6 rows in the grid of the game. It means that you must guess the target word before filling the grid. If you want to know how close your guess is to the word, look at the colors of the tiles. Because the colors of the tiles will change after you enter the valid words, you can know which letter is in the target word. One tip is to use the letters in the green and yellow tiles and stop using the letters in the grey tiles in the next guess.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to choose the letters.

Unique thing about Foodle

Although this game was inspired by word games like Octordle, it still has unique features. For example, the word list in this game is limited. Therefore, you must enter the words in the word list of the game within 6 tries. If you are informed that the entered word is in the word list, you should try another valid word. In addition, the game features the Hard Mode which is more challenging. If you play this game mode, you are required to use the letters in the green and yellow tiles in the next guess. Moreover, you must keep the positions of the letters in the green tiles. Try this game mode to challenge your vocabulary skills.