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Words Of Magic

Simple gameplay of Words Of Magic

Let's explore the magic word world in Words Of Magic. You are tasked with matching the letters to create valid words to earn many points and magic gems.

Matching letters

If you are looking for an interesting word game such as Sedecordle, this game is the best choice. In this game, you will get lost in the magic word world. In this world, you must connect letters in the grid to create valid words containing at least 3 letters. Pay attention to the numbers on the tiles. If you create valid words by matching high-numbered tiles, you will earn many points. Your goal is to create as many valid words as possible and gain the highest score. Note that the time limit is 2 minutes. You must be quick to find and match letters to earn as many points as possible before the time is over.

Using power-ups

You can collect the power-ups by matching letters or paying magic gems. These power-ups include Shuffle, Timer, Hint, and Swipe. The Shuffle power-up is to change the positions of all letters in the grid. The Timer power-up helps to extend the length of the time. Moreover, you can use the Hint power-up to get suggestions about letters that can be matched to create valid words. In addition, the Swipe power-up can be used to change the positions of two adjacent letters.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to connect the letters in the grid.

Release date and platform

This game was released in 2023. You can play this game on the web browser because it is playable on PC and mobile devices. Check out this great game now if you have free time. With entertaining gameplay, the game is a must-try game that should be added to your game arsenal.