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Challenging gameplay of Octordle

It's time to test your vocabulary by playing Octordle now. You are tasked with searching for 8 hidden five-letter words within thirteen attempts.

This game was inspired by Wordle Game, so their gameplay is fairly identical. In this game, you need to guess the hidden words. However, there are up to 8 target words in this game. These words can be from any topic and form. However, they need to contain five letters. Note that each grid has only 13 lines. This means that you need to find all target words within 13 attempts. If you can find all hidden words within 13 tries, the game is over. At the end of the game, the list of all target words will be displayed. Because this game has no time limit, so you should think carefully before entering any word. One useful tip is to look at the colors of the tiles to know which letter is in the target word. The colors of the tiles are also hints that inform you whether these letters are in the right position or not.

Available game modes of Octordle

Daily Octordle

Like Reactle, this game also features two playable game modes. The first one is the Daily Octordle mode. This game mode features the daily challenge. It means that whether you lose or win the game, you need to wait for 7 hours to join another challenge. Note that each day features a distinct list of target words.

Free Octordle

The second game mode in this game is the Free Octordle mode. This mode allows you to replay the game freely. If you lose the game, you can reset to join another challenge. However, after you reset, the list of the target words will be renewed. Therefore, you cannot apply the same strategy when joining the next challenge. You can play this game mode as much as you want.