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Blossom Word Game

Simple mechanics of Blossom Word Game

Test your vocabulary by playing Blossom Word Game now. Try to arrange the letters on the flower to create a meaningful word and get a high score.

Arranging the letters

Besides Wordle Game, this is also an interesting game because of its engaging gameplay. This game displays a big flower and there are 7 letters on it. You need to use these letters to create meaningful words. These words can be nouns, verbs, adjectives, or adverbs. Note that this word must contain at least 4 letters. Moreover, it must contain the letter in the center of the flower. You can use the same letter more than once when arranging the letters. Finally, you can shuffle the positions of all pedals of the flower.

The scoring system

After a word is created, you will claim many points. Note that the number of letters in a word will affect your score.

  • Four-letter words: You will be rewarded with 2 points if you can create a four letter-word.
  • Five-letter words: If you want to earn 4 points, you need to create a five-letter word.
  • Six-letter words: You need to create a six-letter word if you want to gain 6 points.
  • Seven-letter words: You will obtain 12 points if you create a seven-letter word.

Besides, you should pay attention to the letter on the pedals outlined in yellow. If you use these letters, you will claim bonus points. You are required to create a total of 12 words. Try your best to gain the highest score after finding 12 words.

Daily challenges in Blossom Word Game

This game offers the daily challenges. It means that every day the game will offer a distinct list of letters. You must use these letters to create a meaningful word and wait for the next day to join a new challenge. Keep in mind that you are allowed to join the challenges in previous days. You can completely invite your friends or relatives to embark on the daily challenges with you.