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The playing guideline of Worble

Worble is an engaging word game featuring unique gameplay and simple controls. You have 6 chances to guess the daily hidden word which has at least 5 letters.

Inspired by Octordle, this game was released and captivated many players and fans of word games. In this game, you need to find the daily hidden word. Note that this word has 5 or more letters. One unique feature of this game is its hint system. After each guess, you will be given a hint which suggests you remove or replace any letter. Moreover, while you are entering the word, the hints also appear and suggest that any word is not in the target word. You should read all the hints carefully to find the target word within 6 attempts. If you fail to do that, you can click the Play Again button to replay the game.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to choose the letters.

Some effective tactics to master Worble

Like Text Twist, this game may be hard for players who just started to discover this game. Here are some tactics I want to suggest in order to assist you in winning this word game.

The colors of the tiles are hints

Besides the hints appearing under each column, you also need to look at the colors of the tiles. The colors of the tiles will suggest the positions and the letters of the target word. For example, if the tile turns green, it means that you should enter the word that contains the same letters. Do not change the position of this letter. Besides, if the color of the tile is yellow, you should change the position of the letter on this tile. Finally, you should not use the letters on the grey tiles in the next guess.

Trying popular letter pairings

The next tip is to consider the common letter pairings. They are TH, TR, BR, CH, CL, ES, CR, SH, and so on. These letters often occur in the words. This helps you to find the hidden word faster.