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Tripeaks Solitaire: Farm Edition

Your missions in Tripeaks Solitaire: Farm Edition

Tripeaks Solitaire: Farm Edition is a great card game featuring farming elements. Let's eliminate cards on the tableau to earn coins and plant vegetables.

Play cards

In this game, you will transform into a farmer. If you want to earn coins, you need to join tripeaks solitaire challenges. To complete the challenge, you need to match cards on the tableau with the uncovered discard card. You must select lower or higher cards on the tableau. Note that the cards that have the same value cannot be matched. However, the Wild Card can be matched with any card. If there is no card on playable cards on the tableau, you can draw a card from the stock. If you want to continuously match 4 cards, you will claim two cards which will be placed in the stock. Do your best to clear all cards on the tableau in the shortest time to gain 3 stars, many coins, and the highest possible score.

If you want to clear the cards faster, I advise you to purchase power-ups before starting to play the game. You can buy a bomb which can destroy a lot of cards. Besides, you can buy Wild Cards which can be used to match with any card.

Do farming

After earning coins, you can use them to purchase seeds. Use the seeds to plant different types of vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, corn, and so on. You can harvest them to earn more coins. Let's build vegetable farming and become the best farmers.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to choose the cards.

Multiple levels in Tripeaks Solitaire: Farm Edition

Like Gold Miner, this game also features many interesting levels. There are a total of 300 levels in this game and you need to complete them in order. Note that some levels will reward you with treasure chests if you complete them. These treasure chests contain many coins. However, in these levels, you are not allowed to use the power-ups to win.