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Tiny Jelly

Simple mechanics of Tiny Jelly

Tiny Jelly is an engaging puzzle game featuring colorful graphics. Let's connect three or more jellies of the same type to collect them and earn a high score.

Developed by Marat Zaguidullin, this game attracted many players from all over the world. It is possible to say that this game is so simple and entertaining. This is fairly similar to Gold Miner. In this game, you need to connect adjacent jellies to collect them. Note that these jellies must have the same color and shape. After the jellies are removed from the playing field, you will gain many points. Note that some jellies are blocked, so you cannot connect them with other jellies. In addition, there are some special jellies. They can help to clear a row or a column of jellies after you collect them.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to connect the jellies.

All levels of Tiny Jelly

Like Om Nom Run, this game also features many levels with different quests. Specifically, there are 24 levels featuring different degrees of difficulty. In each level, you need to complete different missions such as collecting certain jellies, dropping blocked jellies, or earning many points. You need to accomplish these tasks within limited moves. Moreover, you also need to earn three stars at each level by gaining as many points as possible.