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Soccer Heroes

Addictive gameplay of Soccer Heroes

Soccer Heroes is an engaging sports game that requires you to participate in thrilling soccer matches. Evade the rivals and kick the ball into their goalpost.

Selecting your team

At the start of the game, you are requested to choose your country. You can select between 24 countries which are France, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Romania, England, Russia, and so on. After selecting your favorite country, you need to select groups. There are a total of 6 groups. In each group, you need to encounter soccer teams from different countries. You should think carefully before choosing a suitable group.

Joining the soccer match

After everything is ready, you need to click the Play button to start the soccer match. In a soccer match, you need to take control of a soccer player on your team to run forward. Do not forget to guide him to collect three fireballs on the playing field. When the soccer players of the opposite team appear and try to stop you, you need to kick the ball to eliminate them. Note that you will lose if you crash into any rival. Try to approach the goalpost of the rivals. At this time, you need to kick the ball into their goal post to score many points. Keep in mind that you will lose if the goalkeeper, full-back, center-back, or sweeper. Do your best to defeat all the soccer teams in the chosen group. After that, you need to join the soccer matches against other teams in other groups. Let's prove that you are a soccer legend.

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How to control

Hold the left mouse to guide the soccer player to move to the left or right.

Hold the left mouse and then release it to kick the ball.