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Snakes And Ladders

The playing instruction of Snakes And Ladders

Let's relax with Snakes And Ladders which is a great board game. Can you take your piece to the final square before your opponent does that?

This game consists of a square grid with a series of numbered squares. These squares range from 1 to 100. You and another player will start from the first square. Let's take turns rolling a six-sided dice to determine the number of squares you and your rival advance on the board. Based on the number rolled, you move your game piece forward that many squares. For instance, if you roll 5, you move five squares forward on the grid. Note that some squares feature the head of a snake and its tail is located on a lower-numbered square. If you land on a square with a snake's head, you will slide down to the square with the snake's tail, effectively moving backward. In contrast, some squares on the board showcase the bottom of a ladder, and its top is positioned on a higher-numbered square. If you land on a square with a ladder's bottom, you can climb up the ladder, advancing to the square with the ladder's top. This helps you progress further on the board.

You and your enemy continue taking turns rolling the dice and moving your game piece. When one player reaches or exceeds the final square, this player will win.

Playable game modes of Snakes And Ladders

Snake Mode

Like Stickman Crazy Box, this game also features two game modes. The first game mode in this game is the Snake Mode which is suitable for adult players. In this game mode, all elements such as the snakes and ladders are not changed. Therefore, it is possible to say that this is a classic mode in this game.

Child Mode

If you want to let your kids play this game, I really recommend the Child Mode. In this game mode, there are no snakes on the board. Instead, they are replaced with the chutes. Moreover, all game pieces are replaced with cute kids. Your mission in this game mode is to take all adorable kids to the final square.