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Stickman Crazy Box

Great information about Stickman Crazy Box

Invite your friends to play Stickman Crazy Box now. Join your favorite mini-games and attempt to defeat your friends to win all mini-games now.

Interesting mini-games

There are a total of 20 mini-games in this game. You should join at least three mini-games in this game.

  • Funny Shooting: This mini-game requires you and the other players to shoot down the ghost dolls. You need to aim accurately and destroy as many ghost dolls as possible to gain the highest possible score.
  • Push Out: In this mini-game, you need to run around the small playing field to push other players out. If you are the only one who still stands on the playing field, you will become the winner.
  • Stay Alive: In this mini-game, your goal is to stay alive until the time is over. The blocks will change constantly. If the block that you are standing on hides a bomb, you will die. In contrast, if the block is safe, you can continue to play the mini-game. Note that the safe blocks will become fewer. Therefore, you need to compete with other players to stand on the safe blocks.
  • Draw It: In this game, you need to run around to paint the blocks. Your objective is to paint as many blocks as possible before the time is over. Keep in mind that you can capture the painted blocks of your rivals. In addition, you are allowed to collect and use the power-ups. These power-ups will help to increase your running speed, shoot rockets, give half points, and convert blocks into points.
  • Karaoke: This mini-game challenges you to take the microphone to sing. Remember that the longer you have the microphone, the higher your score is. When time's up, the singer who has the highest score will become the winner.

How to control

PLAYER 1: Use the WASD keys to guide the character to run around and jump.

PLAYER 2: Use the arrow keys to control the character to run around and jump.

PLAYER 3: Use the IJKL to control the character to take control of the character to run around and jump.

PLAYER 4: Use the TFGH to guide the character to run around and jump.

Playable game modes

When playing this game, you need to select between two game modes Quick Game and Tournament. If you select Quick Game, you are allowed to select one of the 20 mini-games. Meanwhile, in the Tournament mode, you have to at least three mini-games. The list of mini-games in two game modes is similar, so don't worry! Besides, if you want to try more interesting game, you should try Minecraftle Game.