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Addictive gameplay of

Are you ready to explore the slime island in Play as a cute slime who has to eat crystals to grow and fight against other slimes to stay alive.

The survival fight

One of the reasons for's popularity is its simple controls. Players can easily navigate their slime characters using basic keyboard or mouse inputs. This accessibility allows beginners to quickly grasp the gameplay mechanics, fostering a sense of confidence and engagement from the start.

Like Stickman Crazy Box, the multiplayer aspect of this game adds a thrilling dimension to the gameplay. Competing against real players from around the world creates a dynamic and unpredictable environment. The constant challenge of outmaneuvering opponents and striving for the top spot on the leaderboard creates a sense of excitement and motivates players to improve their skills. By consuming colorful orbs scattered throughout the arena, players can increase the size and power of their slime character. This creates a satisfying sense of progress and accomplishment as players witness their slime grow from a small entity to a formidable force. The pursuit of growth serves as a driving force for players to continue playing and striving for dominance.

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to guide the cute slime to move around.

Hold an S key to accelerate the speed of the slime.

Use the spacebar to divide the slime into tiny slimes.

Tips for Success in

  • Strategic Movement: In this game, strategic movement is crucial for survival and success. Avoid direct confrontations with larger slimes, as they can overpower and consume you. Instead, focus on maneuvering around the arena, utilizing speed and agility to outmaneuver opponents. Look for opportunities to trap or corner opponents to gain an advantage.
  • Timing and Patience: Patience is a virtue in Rushing into situations without assessing the risks can lead to unnecessary losses. Observe the movements of other slimes and wait for the right moment to strike or make a strategic move. Timing is key when it comes to consuming orbs or attacking opponents, so practice patience and seize the right opportunities.
  • Map Awareness: Being aware of your surroundings is vital for survival. Keep an eye on the mini-map or the overall arena to anticipate the movements of other players. Identify areas with a high concentration of orbs or spots where larger slimes tend to gather. This knowledge will help you plan your movements and avoid dangerous encounters.