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Addictive gameplay of Reactle

Reactle invites you to join the test of vocabulary. Let's utilize your wide vocabulary to guess the five-letter hidden word within six tries.

Finding target words

This game is considered to be one of the best alternatives to Wordle Game because they feature similar gameplay. In this game, you are also challenged to find the target word within 6 attempts. This word must have five letters and be valid. The colors of the tiles will be useful hints that assist you in guessing the target word. If the tiles are green, it means that you should enter the next word containing the letter in this tile. Do not change the position of this letter. In contrast, if the tile is yellow, it means that you need to change the position of the letter in this tile. Finally, do not enter the word containing the letters in the grey tiles.

Tactics to success

  • Prioritize Consonants and Vowels: Depending on the feedback you receive, you can prioritize guessing consonants or vowels based on their likelihood. Consonants tend to be more common in words, so if you have limited guesses, it may be beneficial to prioritize consonant guesses early on. However, if you have some information about the word's vowel placement, focusing on vowels can also be effective.
  • Think of Word Patterns: As you gather more information about the correct word, try to think of common word patterns or word structures that match the feedback you receive. For example, if you know the word ends with "ING," you can focus on words with that pattern.
  • Use Word Associations: If you're struggling to come up with possible words, try using word associations. Think of words related to the given topic or theme, and make educated guesses based on those associations. This can help you generate potential words to try.

Unique features of Reactle

Although this game was inspired by word games like Waffle Game, it still has unique features. It uses a different daily word. It means that you and other players need to find different target words on the same day. Therefore, you cannot share the answer with other people. This will help to raise the challenging degree of the game. You need to find the hidden word by yourself. After that, you need to wait for 13 hours to join the next challenge.