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My Space Pet

The playing instruction of My Space Pet

My Space Pet is a captivating idle game that requires you to take care of a cute pet. Do not forget to play mini-games to earn as many coins as possible.

In this game, you need to be careful of an alien pet. This pet is dirty, so you need to help it take a bath. Besides, when the pet is hungry, you should feed it different food. Besides, when it is sleepy, you need to play a song to help it sleep. In addition, you need to customize the pet. Change the skin, headwear, clothes, and accessories. You need to help your pet become more impressive and unique. This requires your fashion taste.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to choose.

Interesting mini-games of My Space Pet

Like Stickman Crazy Box, this game also offers many exciting mini-games. Playing these mini-games helps you earn coins. Here are some dominant mini-games you can try.

Space Snake

The first mini-game is Space Snake. In this mini-game, you need to guide a space snake to move around a small room. The coins will appear around the room. You need to swipe in the direction to turn your snake to collect the coins. The snake will become long after gathering coins. Try not to let your space snake collide with the walls of the room.

Aliens Attack

The second mini-game in this game is Aliens Attack which requires you to encounter many alien enemies. When the rivals get close to your robot, you need to tap them to defeat them. You will earn many coins after eliminating many aliens. Note that the fight will end if your robot is attacked by an alien.

Flappy Saucer

Finally, you can take part in the mini-game Flappy Saucer in which you need to guide a saucer to evade the obstacles. Besides, you need to take control of the saucer to collect as many coins as possible along the way. Do your best to help the saucer to fly as far as you can.