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Merge Melons

The Rules of Merge Melons

Check out Merge Melons which is an entertaining merging game. Gain the highest score and reach the highest level by combining fruits of the same type.

Your tasks

In fact, the gameplay of this game is fairly similar to Cats Drop. However, this game requires you to merge fruits such as apples, dragon fruits, oranges, lemons, coconuts, watermelons, and so on. If you combine two identical fruits, you will get a bigger fruit and earn many points. You need to earn as many points as possible to level up. One tip is to combine big fruits to gain more points and reach higher levels quickly. However, you also need to be careful because there is a dangerous line at the top of the screen. If your fruit touches it, the game is over. Make sure that there are no two identical fruits on the playing field. Arrange the fruits properly in order not to waste space.


Because this game may be challenging for beginners, the developer added a new feature which is power-ups. These power-ups will assist you in avoiding losing the game soon. Remember that you are allowed to use each power-up one time. Therefore, think carefully before using them.

  • A knife: You can use the knife to eliminate an unnecessary fruit on the playing field.
  • A weight: The weight can be used to remove any fruit on the playing field.
  • A rainbow fruit: You can change any fruit into a rainbow fruit. Then, combine this rainbow fruit with any fruit on the playing field.

Developer and platform

Merge Melons was created and launched by Digital Will Hyperspeed in 2023. Like Gold Miner, this arcade game could be played on both PC and mobile devices. Thanks to its easy accessibility, the game has quickly captivated many players from all over the world.