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Hoop Hero

The basketball match in Hoop Hero

Take part in basketball challenges in Hoop Hero now. Compete with another basketball player to shoot the ball at the hoop as many times as possible.

In this game, you will transform into a street basketball player who likes competing with other players to get dunks. At the start of the game, your rival will require you to complete 5 challenges. If you complete all challenges, you can enter a one-on-one basketball match. Your mission is to swipe up to shoot the ball at the hoop to earn as many points as possible. You should attempt to keep scoring to add your fire bar. When this fire bar is full, your next shots are worth double. When the time is over, you must earn more points than your opponent to become the best hoop hero. Besides, do not forget to check out Boxing Physics 2 and Stickman Crazy Box which are also intriguing games attracting many players.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button and swipe up to shoot the ball at the hoop.

The shop in Hoop Hero

Many boosters

If you win a one-on-one basketball match, you will be rewarded with many boosters. Besides, you can buy more boosters in the shop. These boosters will help you get a victory easily. Here are the boosters you can utilize:

  • Magnet: This magnet will be placed on the hoop and attract the nearby ball.
  • Speed Boost: This helps to shoot the ball faster.
  • Point Boost: If you get a perfect dunk, you will score 7 points.
  • Big Basket: This helps to widen the hoop, so you can get dunks easier.
  • Hot Shots: If you get a dunk when the fire bar is full, your score will be tripled.
  • Slowmo: You can use this booster to slow down the throwing speed of your opponent.
  • Brick Layer: You can use this booster to make your rival shoot worse.
  • Freeze: This booster can be used to freeze the enemy and the hoop in place.
  • Bonus Time: The time of the basketball match will be lengthened if you use this booster.

Various designed balls

In the shop, you can unlock diverse balls such as a default ball, Luna's ball, Jack's ball, and so on. These basketballs have different designs and colors. You can use one of them after they are unlocked.