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Duck Shooter

Entertaining gameplay of Duck Shooter

Duck Shooter is an endless shooting game that challenges your shooting skill. You are tasked with shooting down as many ducks as possible to earn many points.

If you want to entertain after a hard-working day, you should try this game. In this game, you will see many little ducks moving from left to right and vice versa. You need to aim accurately and shoot down these ducks. Note that your score will depend on the number of your ducks. Therefore, you need to destroy as many ducks as possible to gain the highest possible score. Besides, you should be careful with fake ducks that do not move. If you shoot at any fake duck, the game is over. In addition, the time in this game is limited. You have 7 seconds to shoot down the ducks. However, eliminating the ducks will help to lengthen the time. Therefore, after removing a duck, you should be quick to aim and shoot down the next one.

Join the game and let's see whether you are a great gunner or not. Besides, I want to introduce Idle Breakout which is awesome.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to shoot down the ducks in the game.

Effective tips to beat Dyck Shooter

Utilizing fake ducks

Although the fake ducks are considered to be dangerous in this game, they also bring benefits. If you can shoot down the real duck and the fake duck at the same time, you will be rewarded two points. This requires you to aim accurately and be patient. You should aim at the fake duck first. Then, when the real duck approaches the fake duck, you need to click the left mouse button to eliminate them at the same time.

Shooting in the same line

Next, you should not aim around the playing field. Instead, move your gun from up to down and vice versa. This helps you eliminate all ducks in three lines and not ignore any ducks. Keep in mind that the moving speed of the ducks will gradually raise, so you need to be quick to shoot.