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Idle Breakout

Idle gameplay of Idle Breakout

Spend your time checking out Idle Breakout which is an engaging idle game. Your mission is to destroy as many bricks as possible to level up.

Your objective

If you are interested in puzzle games like Minecraftle Game, you should not ignore this game. In this game, your goal is to break bricks by clicking directly on the bricks or using bouncing balls. At the start of the game, you need to click on the bricks to destroy them to earn money. After that, you can use your money to purchase different types of balls. These balls will bounce on the bricks to destroy them. If you can eliminate all bricks in the playing field, you can move to the next level. In the next level, you are required to remove more bricks.

Power-ups and Upgrades

This game features power-ups and upgrades that enhance gameplay and increase brick-breaking efficiency. You need to use your money to purchase the power-ups.

  • Cashed Up: This power-up can be used to double the amount of money you can earn.
  • Click Frenzy: This power-up helps to boost the damage of the scatter balls.
  • Demon Core: You can use this power-up to deal waves of damage
  • Snow Ball: It helps to raise the power and speed of the ball.
  • 2X Gold: This power-up can be used on a gold brick.

Impressive features of Idle Breakout

Many achievements

This game offers achievements and challenges to add an additional layer of gameplay and motivation. These may include reaching specific score thresholds, completing certain objectives, or unlocking hidden features. Achievements and challenges provide additional goals for players to strive for, keeping the gameplay engaging and rewarding. Here is the list of dominant achievements in this game.

Various mighty bosses

This game presents you with an array of formidable adversaries known as bosses. These powerful brick entities surpass the strength of gold bricks and require players to possess strong balls and prestige upgrades to stand a chance against them. To successfully challenge bosses, you must ensure they have powerful balls and have made substantial progress in the form of prestige upgrades. These enhancements are crucial in increasing your ability to deal substantial damage and withstand the boss's relentless attacks.

When facing bosses, you can should use different types of balls at the same time to defeat them. You can exploit the accuracy of the Sniper Ball to their advantage. By positioning the boss at the top half of the screen, you can maximize the Sniper Ball's precision and deliver rapid, devastating blows to the boss's health. This strategic approach allows players to expedite the boss's defeat and progress further in the game.