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Your task in Wordscapes

Let's play Wordscapes to join the escape plan from the forest. Attempt to match letters to create valid words and earn as many coins as possible.

In this game, you get stuck in the forest. If you want to escape from there, you need to find valid letters. There are three or more letters at the bottom of the screen. You need to connect these letters to create valid words. If the words you created fulfill the grid in the playing field, you will win. The reward for a victor is many coins. Moreover, if you accumulate many coins, you can unlock a gift box. This gift box contains a beautiful background. You can change the background to improve your playing experience.

Besides, when you get stuck, you can click the Shuffle button to change the positions of the letters/. Or you can click the Hint button which will show one of the target words in the game.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to connect the letters.

Playable game modes of Wordscapes

Level Mode

Like Wordle Game, this game also features two game modes which are interesting. The first game mode is the Level Mode. This game mode offers many levels. You need to complete these levels in order. The initial levels seem to be simple. However, the harder levels are real challenges to test your vocabulary. Note that beating many levels also helps you earn coins and a gift box.

Daily Puzzle Mode

The second one is the Daily Puzzle Mode. In this game mode, you are required to connect 5 letters to find 12 valid words. When the grid at the top is filled with meaningful words, you can claim many coins. After completing the puzzle in this mode, you can wait for the next day to join another puzzle.