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Ultimate Knife Smash

Simple mechanics of Ultimate Knife Smash

Welcome to Ultimate Knife Smash which is an awesome arcade game testing your reflex. Throw the knives in rotating circles to earn points and defeat bosses.

Throw the knives

This game will impress you with its delightful gameplay. In this game, you need to throw your knives in circles until you run out of knives. Note that these circles rotate instantly and in any direction. Their speed also changes constantly. All you need to do is to look carefully and throw your knives without hitting other knives on the circles. If your knives cannot hit the circles, the game is over. Attempt to throw successfully as many knives as possible to earn the highest score. Another way to earn extra points is to aim at apples on the circles. The smashed apples can be used to continue your game when you unexpectedly hit the knives on the circles. Therefore, it is advisable to accumulate as many apples as possible.

Complete many stages

You are challenged to complete as many stages as possible in this game. You will start from the easy stages to the harder stages. Besides, you need to join the boss stages in which you need to use your knives to defeat the boss. Of course, the boss stages are more challenging than normal stages, so you should be careful when playing these stages.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to throw the knives.

A collection of knives in Ultimate Knife Smash

Another fantastic aspect of this game is its collection of knives. There are a total of 32 knives in this game. Their designs are different and impressive. Some of them can be unlocked by using the apples. However, the rest of the knives can be unlocked by winning the boss stages in the game. After unlocking these knives, you can select one of them to play.