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Interesting things about Touchdowners

Touchdowners is an awesome sports game featuring many game modes. Attempt to carry the ball into the opposing team's end zone to earn many points.

Many game modes

If you are a big fan of American football, do not ignore this game. The game was inspired by this famous sport. Like 8 Ball Pool, this game also offers many game modes that are free for you to select. Here is the list of active game modes in this game.

  • Career: In this game mode, you will start your American football career. You can join the local football bowl season or the football championship league. No matter what you choose, you must attend many football matches. In each match, you must guide the three characters to steal the ball from your opponent's hands. Then, carry it to the opposing team's end zone. If you can do that, you will be rewarded with one point. Moreover, you also need to protect your end zone to stop your rival from earning the points. Note that the time limit is 55 seconds, so attempt to earn more points than your enemies to become the winner.
  • Arcade: This game mode allows you to play against the CPU players. The football match in this game mode is endless, so your objective is to gain the highest possible score. You will be rewarded 5 coins when you earn 1 point. However, the game will be over if the opposing team scores one point.
  • 2-Player: This final game mode allows you to join the American football match with another player. You and another player will use the same device to control the football players. You will win if you can earn three points first.

Various character skins

Before starting the football match, you can choose your favorite football team. There are a total of 38 football teams you can buy. They are Blues, Brawlers, Bolts, Invaders, Red Knights, Robo Ballers, Lumberjacks, Killer Sharks, Clowns, Bikers, Inferno, Dirty Dogs, and so on. They have different appearances. What is your favorite football team? Besides, remember to check out Baseball Pro which is also an interesting sports game.

How to control

The 1-Player Mode

Press the arrow keys to guide the three players to move.

Press a Z key to pass the ball.

The 2-Player Mode


Use the Z-X keys to control the three characters to move.

Use a C key to pass the ball.


Use the arrow keys to control the three players to move.

Use an M key to pass the ball.