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The principles of Tetris

Check out Tetris which is a famous and classic puzzle game. Reorganize the blocks dropping from the top to create lines of blocks and level up.

Organize falling blocks

This game embodies a set of principles that promote strategic thinking. It revolves around the manipulation of geometric shapes known as tetrominoes. The blocks in this game are made up of four connected squares and have different shapes. They drop from the top of the screen. Your task is to move these blocks to the left or right or change the shapes of the blocks before they reach the bottom of the screen. Make sure that all blocks are placed next to each other and create horizontal block lines. These block lines will be eliminated from the playing field and you will gain many points. Your objective is to clear as many lines as possible to level up. Besides, I want to introduce Tangram Grid and Connections Game which are awesome puzzle games.

How to control

Press an up arrow key to change the shape of the blocks.

Press a down arrow key to raise the dropping speed of the blocks.

Press a spacebar to drop the blocks at the quickest speed.

Useful tactics to beat Tetris

Prioritize Clearing Lines

The first tactic is to remove lines by filling complete horizontal rows with blocks. You should try to create opportunities for line clears by strategically arranging blocks to create potentially completed rows. Additionally, you need to create gaps strategically. By leaving gaps, you can manipulate the falling blocks to fit into specific spaces, allowing for more efficient line clears. However, be cautious not to create too many gaps as they can quickly lead to a game-ending situation.

Maintain a Flat Playing Field

Secondly, you are advised to keep the surface of your stack as flat as possible. Avoid building uneven or jagged structures, as they can make it challenging to place blocks and create completed lines. A flat playing field allows for easier maneuverability and gives you a clearer view of the upcoming blocks, enabling better planning and decision-making.