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Suika Game

Your mission in Suika Game

Spend your time trying Suika Game which takes you to the world of fruits. Combine the fruits with the aim of creating a big watermelon and earning points.

Combining fruits

In this game, you are assigned a simple task which is to combine fruits such as cherries, grapes, peaches, apples, strawberries, pears, dekopons, pineapples, and melons. Note that only the fruits of the same type are combined. You will be rewarded with many points when merging identical fruits in the playing field. Pay attention to the limit line at the top of the screen when the playing field is full of fruits. If any fruit touches this line, the game is over and you must start again.

Desired target

Your ultimate target is to create big watermelons. Keep in mind that combing two melons will create a watermelon. Try to create as many watermelons as possible until any fruit in the playing field touch the limit line. You will get the high rank on the global ranking if you have the most watermelons.

How to control: Click the left mouse button if you want to drop the fruits into the

Visuals and sounds of Suika Game

Aside from engaging gameplay, one element in which this game truly thrives is its impressive visuals and sounds. The fruits in this are incredibly loveable, greatly enhancing your playing experience. Combine that with the c

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