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Shadow of the Orient

An epic adventure in Shadow of the Orient

Shadow of the Orient immerses you in a battle against the formidable shadow clan. Play as Xiao Lang and join a thrilling journey through mystical lands.

The prologue

This game sets the stage with a captivating storyline. After 200 years of peace, the dark shadow, once vanquished, returns to wreak havoc upon the lands of the Orient. They kidnap innocent children, plunging the realm into chaos. As Xiao Lang, the last hope of the Orient, you must dive into the heart of the conflict, utilizing your formidable fire powers to combat the shadow clan and liberate the captured children. The unexpected twist lies in the intensified power of the shadow clan, posing an even greater challenge for our brave hero.

Starting your thrilling journey

The game offers two exciting game modes, each with its unique challenges and rewards.

  • In the Challenge mode, you face the daunting task of completing five arduous levels. Armed with a sword, you must navigate treacherous paths filled with spike traps and menacing monsters while destroying scattered shadow items. Speed and precision are paramount as you strive to finish each level in the shortest time possible, progressing towards the next challenging stage.
  • The Adventure mode takes you on a thrilling journey through three distinct worlds. Like Mineblock Adventure, this game mode also offers many levels. Your objective at each level is to seek out precious gold coins and gems, venturing into rivers where an oxygen bar adds an element of urgency. Survive by resurfacing before running out of oxygen. The ultimate test awaits in the form of a super powerful boss encountered in the fifth level of each world. Hone your combat skills and face the final boss, achieving victory and claiming a treasure chest as your reward.

How to control

Press the spacebar to take control of the hero to jump.

Press the WASD keys to guide the hero to move around the land.

Press the Enter key to guide the hero to attack the monsters.