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Scrap Divers

The adventure in Scrap Divers

Scrap Divers is an interesting arcade game that invites you to join an exciting adventure of a little robot. Guide the robot to fall safely and collect screws.

Falling as deep as possible

A little robot was dropped into the scrapyard because it was defective. However, it seems that this scrapyard is really deep. While he is falling into the scrapyard, you need to control the robot to fly to the left or right to avoid hitting obstacles. These obstacles can destroy the robot. If the robot is destroyed, the game is over. Therefore, you need to try your best to protect the robot at all costs. If you want to increase the falling speed of the robot, you need to guide the robot to hit the green speed boosters. In addition, there are many screws scattered throughout. Let's collect as many screws as possible because they are important. You can pick the magnet which helps you attract more screws along the way.

Unlocking new robots

Next, you can use the collected screws to purchase new robots. Note that each robot has a distinct feature. For example, you can buy a robot that has a small frame and always rotates. Another robot has springy limbs and can double the duration of the power-ups. Or, you can choose another robot that is able to shred the obstacles when it is damaged. In general, there are a total of 15 robots in the shop. You can select your favorite robot and play this game now. Besides, if you have free time, do not forget to check out Connections Game which is awesome for me.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button or press the arrow keys to guide the robot to fall.

All achievements in Scrap Divers

This interesting game offers many achievements that you need to complete. Unlocking these achievements will help you claim many screws. Here are some dominant in this game.

  • Finish Stage 1.
  • Unlock a new robot.
  • Earn 50 screws in a single run.
  • Fly for 45 seconds in a single run.