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Monopoly Online

The playing guidelines of Monopoly Online

Invite your friends to play Monopoly Online with you. Acquire properties, collect rent, and manage your money to become a millionaire in this game.

This game revolves around purchasing properties. At the start of the game, each player has 1500 dollars and a piece. You and your opponents will take turns rolling the dice. The number you get will be the number of steps of your piece. Your piece will move around the board. When it stops at any square of the board, you can build houses or hotels. You can engage in trade deals with other players to acquire the properties you need. You must attempt to become a millionaire in this game. However, if your piece stands in the Jail square, you will be jailed. The jailed players cannot move or buy any property until they are rescued by other players. The game will end when one player remains solvent while all other players have gone bankrupt.

Different types of Monopoly Online

Property Squares and Railroad Squares

If your piece stops at the property squares, you can purchase, develop, and collect rent from it. Properties are categorized by color groups, and owning all properties within a color group allows players to build houses and hotels to increase rent. Besides, if your piece stops on the Railroad square, you can purchase railroad properties. Owning multiple railroads increases rent for opponents who land on them.

Special Spaces

  • GO: This is the starting square where your piece will stand at the start of the game and return when it goes around the board.
  • Jail/Just Visiting: If your piece stops at the Jail Square, you will be sent to hail. If your piece stops at the Just Visiting square, you do not face any penalties.
  • Free Parking: You will not face any penalties or get any reward when your piece lands on the Free Parking Square.
  • Go to Jail: You will be jailed if your piece lands on this place.
  • Luxury Tax: You need to pay a lot of tax after your piece lands in this place.
  • Income Tax: You need to pay income tax if your piece stops in this place.

Chance and Community Chest

  • Chance: Landing on a Chance space requires the player to draw a card from the Chance deck. Cards can result in various events, such as gaining or losing money, moving to a different space, or receiving instructions that impact gameplay.
  • Community Chest: Landing on a Community Chest space requires you to draw a card from the Community Chest deck. Like Chance cards, these cards can lead to different outcomes, including rewards or penalties.