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Midnight Mice

The principles of Midnight Mice

Try out Midnight Mice which is an engaging escape game. You are tasked with controlling a mouse to escape from an aggressive cat and consume cheese.

Escaping from the cat

This engaging game is about the adventure of a mouse at night. When playing the game, you are required to help the mouse to roam around the village to collect cheeses. These cheeses will help you increase your score. Specifically, you will be rewarded with 100 points if you collect cheese. Therefore, your ultimate goal is to consume as many cheeses as possible. The only danger in this adventure is a black cat. It is able to fly and emerge at random. It will rush toward the mouse and land heavily on the ground to destroy nearby buildings and murder the mouse. Therefore, when the cat is about to land, you should guide the mouse to run as fast as possible to avoid being killed. Note that you should find the most effective route to escape instead of moving to a dead end.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to control the mouse to move around the village.

Use the spacebar or Enter to guide the mouse to dash.

A great feature of Midnight Mice

This game features a Hall Of Mice. The Hall Of Mice will honor your achievements. When playing this game, you should try your best to achieve 10 trophies which are 7 normal trophies, a bronze trophy, a silver trophy, and a golden trophy. To get a trophy, you must earn a certain number of points. Can you get the golden trophy and win this game? Besides, if you are interested in adventure games, do not miss Mineblock Adventure which is an engaging game on our website.