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Simple playing rules of Luckle

Luckle is an interesting word game featuring multiple levels of difficulty. Let's choose suitable levels and find the target words within 6 attempts.

If you are a big fan of word games such as Text Twist, you should not ignore this funny word game. In fact, the gameplay of this game is fairly similar to Dordle. This game also requires you to find the target word within 6 tries. Let's press the virtual key to enter the target word you guess. Note that this word can contain from 4-11 letters. The colors of the tiles are also considered to be useful hints that indicate the letters and their positions in the target word. If you cannot find the hidden word within 6 tries, you can click the Give Up button to try again. Don't worry! The lucky flower will bring you luck.

How to control: Use the keyboard to enter the word.

Unique characteristics of Luckle

Hard Mode

This game offers a Hard Mode which is suitable for skilled players. Note that you can turn on the Hard Mode at the start of the game. After activating the Hard Mode, you need to use the yellow and green letters in the next guess. This may be challenging for you to find the word containing all these letters.

Levels of difficulty

There is an adjustable bar at the top of the screen. You can adjust it to change the levels of difficulty of the game and the number of columns on the grid. The easiest level requires you to find the hidden word containing 4 letters. Meanwhile, if you choose the hardest level, you are challenged to guess a hidden 11-letter word within 6 tries. I advise you to start from the easy level and finally try the most challenging level.