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Jump With Justin 2

Interesting gameplay of Jump With Justin 2

Jump With Justin 2 is the second edition of the Jump With Justin series. Assist a mole in jumping as high as possible and collecting coins and power-ups.

The adventure in the sky

In this game, you must help a little mole called Justin. He is sitting in the catapult. Let's hole the left mouse button to charge the power and release it to launch the mole. When the mole is flying in the sky, you should guide him to fly to the left or right. Try to collect as many coins as possible because they help your character fly higher. Moreover, if you want your character to fly higher, you can guide it to jump on platforms or springboards. Attempt to assist the mole in flying as high as possible to earn the highest possible score. Note that the sky is also full of dangers, so you should take caution with them.

Various power-ups

Like Tomb Of The Mask, this game also offers many power-ups that you can collect and use. Moreover, you can use your coins to upgrade these power-ups. The duration of these power-ups will be lengthened after they are upgraded. Here is the list of power-ups in this game.

  • Magnet: You can collect the magnet which helps to attract all coins in the sky.
  • Rocket: The rocket can help your mole to fly higher at a fast speed.
  • Balloon: After you collect a yellow balloon, your mole will become bigger and can fly higher without collecting the coin.
  • Spikey trap: If your mole hits the spike trap, it can fly high.
  • Invisible coat: This coat helps your mole to become invisible and overcome obstacles easily.

How to control

Hold the left mouse button and then release it to launch a mole.

Press a left or right arrow key to guide the mole to fly to the left or right.