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Idle Explorer

Your missions in Idle Explorer

Idle Explorer is a great idle mining game that takes you to the planets in the universe. Guide the workers and managers to dig as many diamonds as possible.

Collect diamonds

The planet is full of diamonds, so let's collect them now. First, you should build a mineshaft. Then, ask the workers to dig, gather, and transport the diamonds. You will earn a lot of money after collecting diamonds. Then, use your money to hire managers. They will help you monitor the workers in the mineshaft. Tap the manager for a temporary boost in efficiency. Besides, do not forget to upgrade mineshafts, the elevator, and the rocket to get and carry more diamonds to get more money.

Unlock mineshafts

If you want to dig up more valuable diamonds, you should use your money to unlock new mineshafts. As you accumulate wealth and expand your mining empire, you'll have the chance to acquire new mines in different locations around the world. Each mine offers its own set of resources and challenges, requiring strategic decisions and investments to maximize returns.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to ask the workers to work and choose.

Tips to earn more money in Idle Explorer

  • Prioritize Upgrades: Focus on upgrading your mine shafts, mining machinery, and other infrastructure to increase their efficiency. Upgraded equipment will generate more resources, allowing you to earn higher profits.
  • Hire Efficient Managers: Each manager in the game has unique abilities that can boost production, reduce costs, or provide other benefits. Pay attention to their skills and hire managers that align with your current objectives. Upgrading managers' skills can further enhance their effectiveness.
  • Balance Investments: Strive for a balanced approach when investing in different aspects of your mining company. Allocate resources wisely between upgrading shafts, hiring managers, and researching new technologies. Avoid neglecting any particular area, as an imbalance can hinder overall progress.
  • Utilize Boosts and Super Cash: Take advantage of boosts and super cash to accelerate your progress. Boosts can temporarily increase production or income, while super cash can be used to purchase powerful upgrades or speed up processes.