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Home Alone Survival

The playing guidelines of Home Alone Survival

Home Alone Survival is an interesting survival game. As Gumball, you need to go around the house to collect resources to avoid starving and make camps.

The plot

This game revolves around Gumball and Darwins. One way, their parents have to leave the house. Therefore, both Gumball and Darwins have to stay home alone. However, they find that there is nothing in the refrigerator. Moreover, the house becomes dirty and the trees grow around the house. All they need to do now is to attempt to survive as long as possible until their parents return to the home.

Captivating gameplay

When joining this game, you will play as Gumball. First, you need to go around and destroy different objects in the house to gather resources. These resources can be used to make camps and food. You should pay attention to the energy bar at the bottom of the screen. When your energy is about to run out, you should be quick to find food and eat it to avoid starving. Besides, when you run around the living room, Darwin will appear and try to hunt you down to steal your resources. Therefore, you need to be quick to enter other rooms or run as fast as possible to avoid being shot. Remember that the time in this game is limited. You can look at the time bar at the top of the screen to know how much time is left for you to collect resources and create items.

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Use the arrow keys to guide Gumball to move around.

Use a Z key to enter the room and interact with objects.

Use an X key to eat and avoid starving.