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Hangaroo is a word-guessing game that guesses a hidden word by suggesting letters. The kangaroo is hanged and needs to be saved by guessing the correct letters.

Save Hangaroo by guessing the correct word

The kangaroo starts off without any body parts drawn. For each incorrect guess, a new body part will be added to the kangaroo. The goal is to guess all the correct letters before the kangaroo is fully drawn and "hanged".

To start, the game will provide you with a category or theme for the word, such as animals or countries. The word is initially hidden, and you need to guess the letters to reveal it.

If you guess all the correct letters before the kangaroo is fully drawn, you win the game. However, if you make too many incorrect guesses and the kangaroo is fully drawn, you lose the game.

Create the right word guessing strategy

Start by guessing a letter that you think might be in the word. If the letter is correct, it will be revealed in its corresponding position(s) within the word. If the letter is incorrect, a part of the kangaroo's body will be drawn on the hanging platform.

Continue guessing letters until you have enough information to solve the word. You can either guess the entire word or keep guessing individual letters until you are confident about the solution.

Don't know what character to choose? Don't worry, a way to always be accurate to help you limit wrong guesses is to choose the "vowel" letters and then guess the "consonants". The more correctly guessed words are opened, the less likely you are to make mistakes. This way of playing can be applied in Word Hurdle because their mechanisms are similar. If you love these intellectual puzzle games, you should not miss them.