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Your tasks of Gourdlets

Immerse yourself in a peaceful and creative world in Gourdlets. You are challenged to extend the island, construct houses, and cultivate plants and flowers.

The Island's Expansion

At the beginning of the game, the island is small, housing just one bean resident. However, with the arrival of a new bean resident each day via a bus, the population grows steadily. To accommodate the increasing population, you must strategically place different tiles of blocks to extend the island's area. It is essential to carefully consider each block placement since removal is not permitted. This feature encourages thoughtful decision-making and planning to ensure the island's growth is both efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Building Houses and Barriers

Creating a sense of community is an integral part of the game. As the island expands, you have the opportunity to construct houses for the bean residents. These houses not only provide shelter but also serve as a means to distinguish between the different residents. To further enhance the visual appeal and organization, you can build barriers to demarcate areas and add a touch of creativity to their island. This aspect allows you to personalize their island, creating a unique and inviting environment.

Cultivating Plants and Flowers

In this game, you can unleash their creativity by growing an array of plants and flowers on their island. The freedom to decorate the island with these natural elements opens up endless possibilities for you to express your imagination. Whether it's a vibrant garden or a tranquil oasis, the ability to cultivate and arrange these elements adds an aesthetic charm to the game. By allowing you to freely experiment with different combinations and designs, this game encourages a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

The controlling instruction of Gourdlets

Press the arrow keys or WASD keys to look around the island.

Press the 1 or 2 keys to zoom in or out.

Click the left mouse button to place blocks, construct houses, and grow plants to expand the island.

Use a TAB key to rotate.